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Register company in Estonia. Nr 1 ecosystem for startups.

Estonia is well known as a crypto valley. Total over 1700 crypto licenses have been issued and Estonia is getting more popular day-by-day

6 main reason so many projects have registered in Estonia:

1. Estonia has a digital government program e-residency. E-residency able to manage the business entirely online. Government services are available 24/7 online

2. 0% corporate tax - 0% tax on the profit you reinvest. 0% tax as long as you keep money on a business account. 0% tax when raising funds and reinvest into development. Malta 35%( tax return 30% next year) and Swiss 10/11%

3. Cost for setup to Malta, Switzerland or Singapour is multiple times more expensive.

4. Estonian crypto licenses ables onboard clients globally.

5. No deposit. To acquire crypto licenses there is no deposit required. Malta has 730 000€ deposit required.

6. Speed - 1-2months to get licenses in Estonia. Malta 4-6 months.

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